Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?


It is undeniable and inevitable that men nowadays may experience hear failures. The number of men experiencing heart failures has been increasing continuously, and with that, there are different precautions and safety measures that every man should consider especially those who experience heart problems. For many years, it has been known that men with heart ailments should prevent taking hormone treatments like the HGH therapy and most especially, the testosterone therapy. However, due to the advancement of technology and research, there have been a lot of studies regarding testosterone therapies. There was once a study that observed the supplementation of testosterone which is useful for both patients with low and normal testosterone levels. Nevertheless, it has also been noticed that there is a great advantage especially for patients with low testosterone levels. Improvements have been widely observed. This observation was made by Dr. Ferdinando Iellamo who is an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and also known as an author of a report in the September issue of the American College of Cardiology which was used by a lot of specialists and students.

The study started with different elderly men who are experiencing heart problems. It has also been noticed that all of the elderly men who underwent the experiment had low testosterone levels. All of them gained the standard heart therapy, however, half of them received injections of 1,000 milligrams of long-acting testosterone at the beginning. It has been noticed that a series of examinations showed improvements in the men who gained the hormone replacement therapy treatment, however, those who did not received the treatment did not gain any improvement at all. The series of examinations include electrocardiograms, exercise tests and assessment of muscle strength.  Know about testosterone injections here!

The expert has also stated that it is not possible to specify the timing and dosage of testosterone therapy for men. It has also been known that there is no specific guideline involved in the experiment. The good thing about the long-acting testosterone doses that were used is that, it is safe and well-tolerated in patients. Nevertheless, the study is not about the determination whether the testosterone therapy would prolong survival of men with heart failure, but instead, it was made in order to evaluate the outcome of the experiment.  Learn about b12 injections indianapolis in here!

It has been historically known that testosterone therapy is not safe for men with heart failures, however, this experiment and many other experiments showed otherwise. It shows that testosterone therapy could really give benefits for men with heart failures and are definitely safe to use. To learn more about weight loss, visit .